Friday, February 18, 2011

mad love for this boy.

Well, I am deciding to blog more. Hopefully on a daily basis. I just need a little accountability and more interesting things to say. I will work on it. However, today is a special day...

My sweet little brother, Tyler Charles Stridde, is turning SEVENTEEN! i'm officially old. 
This sweet boy has been bringing joy to my life for his whole entire seventeen years of life. He has a precious heart. He is sweet and sensitive and has a huge heart for others and for the Lord. He is just a little ball of sunshine. He has a giggle that is contagious. He has a smile that is full of life. And to top it all off, he's just a stud. 
He is the one who will come and snuggle in my bed with me when i'm having a bad day. We used to build forts and nap in them. He used to play barbies with me. I used to play video games with him. One morning we tried to wake up at 5:30 to run before school...I made it about a half mile. He pushed me further. We kept each other sane when Jordan left for college. 

He lets me take lots of pictures with him. We sit through weddings and boring graduations together. We would sled down the stairs in sleeping bags until one of us would get hurt and start crying. Once my older brother got engaged it always felt like we were on a double date with mom and dad, Jordan and Abby, so we decided to call ourselves TK4L (Team Kid 4 Life). Now that he is older and has lots of money, he takes me on sibling dates. He's the best. 
 People say we look alike. I just embrace it. I look like a 17 year old boy. 

 I'm spoiled and blessed with the best little brother in the world. 
Happy birthday, Sweet T! Love you tons. TK4L.

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