Thursday, March 3, 2011

The other day I came across all of these ridiculous pictures. enjoy. 

Jordan and I were so happy about baby Tyler was not so happy about my outfit (handmade courtesy of my mother) and Jordan's nasty bowlcut. 

We loved to have matching Halloween costumes (also handmade by mom)

Sweet T. He was such a little chunk. We giggled alot. 

This picture is just too much. Not only am I in a homemade butterfly costume, but tyler is a freaking flower...with the flowerpot. ridiculous. No wonder I am who I am today. 

Gah I haven't looked this good in my whole life since this moment. Tyler is catching snowflakes. and I have on a turquoise snow suit. 

Thought I was a model in this blowing in the wind, pink pants, etc.  Tyler is giggling, as usual. Jordan is wearing purple pants and vans. What a stud. 
Tyler and I were really creative with our games. We played taxi in the laundry basket and pretended like we were potato heads. 

Just so I know where I get my weirdness from...Dad liked playtime more than me. 

Just a blast from the past. over and out, all my loyal followers. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Even though work takes over my life sometimes, I alllllways have fun there. Tonight was no exception. I was bored and had gotten all of my side work done, and I was just waiting for a table to leave. So I went back to the dish area where the hobart is, and began to dance to the "gasolina-esque" music that was playing. Eventually I was joined by many of the little latinos/kitchen guys in the back and we began to have a small dance party. It was nuts. There was lots of giggling. I may have accidentally shimmied. Others watched and reminded me how ridiculous I am. There was more giggling. Thennnn my manager told me that I was being distracting to them and the rest of the staff. Whoops. It was fun while it lasted. 

Also, the other day I got one of the guys that I work with to come play drumset with me on the hanging pots and pans in the back. It was early morningish and the other employees didn't like that game as much. Neither did my manager who was on the phone. Whoops. i'm surprised I haven't been fired yet. 

I love my job. Being a server opens up so many cool opportunities to meet so many cool people. The other day I met a congresswoman. I've met a retired FBI agent. I've met people from Greece. I've met my friends' friends and relatives. I've met a 90-year old couple who was so in love that I wanted to melt. I've met a non-religious couple who just moved to Knoxville and asked me what church I went to because he could tell that I loved Jesus. (How cool is it that Jesus gives us His light to shine so people will see!) I've met an NYPD training agent who, I later found out, is also involved in Young Life in Long Island, NY and was just visiting. whhhhat? So cool. 

On a different note, I want this little guy in my pocket at all times. 
Anyone wanna buy him for me? 

Still smells like asian food all over the place. Guess I should shower more. 

Oh, and I taught my public speaking class how to "Dougie" this morning. That was fun. 
Happy Humpday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I don't even know what is going on in my mind right now. Sometimes I feel like there are so many thoughts in so many different places that I wish I had a lasso to gather all my little sheep thoughts into a nice little herd and tell them to focus. It's like there is a constant stream of completely random thoughts and pictures and songs and words and ideas going through my mind. all. the. time. Some call it A.D.D...others just know that as my mind.

Today my friend Travis texted me. It said this, "Well, your decision to blog more lasted 2 consecutive days." Then I remembered that I even had a blog. It must have not been in my thought stream lately. Our conversation then turned into us somehow talking about the first conversation that we ever had. Travis told me that we were sitting in the office at Windy Gap while wrangling one weekend. Somehow Harry Potter was brought up (of course) and we talked about our mutual love for it. I then proceeded to ask him if we could yell spells at each other from the tree tops while running the ropes course. great first impression. and somehow he still wanted to be friends with me...amazing.

I have realized that first impressions are not my strong point. Something unfiltered or awkward is  usually said. I'm working on building myself a filter.

On a side note, I had asian take-out for dinner tonight, and I wreak of asian food now. I thought that if i took it out of the restaurant that I would not smell like it! I even showered today too. fail.

Also, shoutout to the my sweet little Rav4, The Green Bean, for being a complete and total bad-a in the storm of the century yesterday. Coming back from Karns was quiteee the adventure. At one point I thought that we were going to float downstream like baby Moses in the basket, but we made it. She is so good to me.

Welcome to the brain of Morgan. Over and out.