Thursday, March 3, 2011

The other day I came across all of these ridiculous pictures. enjoy. 

Jordan and I were so happy about baby Tyler was not so happy about my outfit (handmade courtesy of my mother) and Jordan's nasty bowlcut. 

We loved to have matching Halloween costumes (also handmade by mom)

Sweet T. He was such a little chunk. We giggled alot. 

This picture is just too much. Not only am I in a homemade butterfly costume, but tyler is a freaking flower...with the flowerpot. ridiculous. No wonder I am who I am today. 

Gah I haven't looked this good in my whole life since this moment. Tyler is catching snowflakes. and I have on a turquoise snow suit. 

Thought I was a model in this blowing in the wind, pink pants, etc.  Tyler is giggling, as usual. Jordan is wearing purple pants and vans. What a stud. 
Tyler and I were really creative with our games. We played taxi in the laundry basket and pretended like we were potato heads. 

Just so I know where I get my weirdness from...Dad liked playtime more than me. 

Just a blast from the past. over and out, all my loyal followers. 

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