Friday, December 3, 2010

I caved.

It happened. I did it. I caved into the world of blogging. The humans at fault for this are Jessie Hoaglin, Chelcie Crawford, and Delaney Knowling. No coincidence that the birthday of this blog is finals week. Yes, I'm procrastinating. No, I'm not sorry.

Lately I feel like my life is consumed with busyness. This should come as no surprise. I feel like it is the common answer that any college kid will give when asked how they've been. I hate being busy. I love all of the things that I do (with school as the exception) but I hate how scattered I constantly feel. It's like my life has turned into a giant check list that will never have all of the checks. and in my busyness I find myself forgetting to give it all over to the One who brings peace in the chaos.

So then me, being the stubborn human that I am, tries to balance and control everything. I wake up in the morning and automatically think, "What do I have to do today?" Then my brain starts rolling and it's a constant stream of what I have to do. I try to balance my day. I try to be intentional. I suck. I try again. I do it day after day and you think I would learn by now. However, I am finding peace in this little gem that Jim Branch wrote in the blue book:

"Thus, life is only balanced when everything is centered on Christ."

Jim Branch is so cool.
Did I just give Jim Branch a shout out on my blog? I guess that's what that was.

I'm learning to be thankful. I am thankful, but I'm learning to reaaaaally be thankful. Here are a couple of things that have made me smile lately:

my good-looking younglife team. FDT. 

I went to my first sorority event the other night. It was called Wacky Tacky Christmas so my friend Emily and I dressed like Mary and Joseph. She has baby Jesus in her hand. 

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  1. YOU HAVE A BLOG. love it.

    ps: you're caving, not only to blogs, but to sorority functions. winnnnn.