Sunday, December 5, 2010

meet Chris.

This is Chris, the Christmas tree. He is the newest addition to the 1201. He's a precious little three and a half foot Fraser fir who likes to have fun and celebrate Jesus' birthday. He brings with him much Christmas spirit and the smell of evergreen. He hangs out with me when all of my roommates leave.

Okay so today I decorated the apartment. It was really extensive, it consisted of the two decorations above. The tree, and the Happy Birthday (Jesus) sign. Two of my roommates have never had a real Christmas tree before and I wasn't okay with that.

This weekend was so good. so good. so good.
I'm feeling more and more like i'm on Christmas break at every moment. what. a. tease.
I'm a visual person, so here's some pictures as I tell the story of my weekend.

This is my favorite Christmas sweatshirt. It has a beautiful/repulsive built in dark green collar. If you have seen me lately, mostly at the library but sometimes in public, i have been wearing this. I wore it 5 days in a row last year as I studied for finals, so I figured it was only fit to bring it back this year. I studied for geology in it the other night and got a 94 on my final. It's good luck. 
Good news to you all, it is in the wash and will be making a comeback soon. 

This is my younglife team again. I told you we are good looking. This was at the younglife Christmas party the other night at my church. Such a good night. We got to be reminded of the beauty in the reason for this season of Advent. We got to be reminded to slow down and not miss it this season. We got to be reminded of how our ministry is not going unnoticed. blessed. 

This, my friends, is before a little something we like to call Christmas Formal. Most fun i've had in a long time. It was a night of sweat and snow and styrofoam and grinding on the wall and slow dancing and water breaks and hurting feet and sore calfs and Megan's birthday and spinning and power outages and fuuuuuun. The guy is my hot date, Michael Vicary. We tore up the dance floor. We thought it would be fitting to pose with the American flag because we love America. God bless the USA. 

Another pre-formal picture. 20 people. Brixx pizza. Everyone across from their date. I know what it is like to be a boy now. Picking 'em up, opening doors, paying for the meal, the whole shabang. I am so glad that i'm a woman and i don't have to worry about that on a normal basis. 

Oh, just a pajama party potluck with my younglife team. We look better in the first picture. We ate white chicken chili, watched the titans, learned about football, talked about love, talked about leggings as pants, got wild, and laughed alot, as usual. I am so incredibly thankful for these humans that I do ministry with. 

Random thought for today:
band-aid makers are racist for making them nude skin colored.

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