Friday, December 24, 2010

THAT time of year. The most important time of year.

I haven't blogged in a while, my apologies on being a stingy blogger. Firstly, I have no homework or studying to procrastinate on, so I find myself being away from blog-land more. 

Secondly, I was in Costa Rica for 5 days. I went with my friend Mollie who I did work crew and summer staff with the last two summers. We laid on the beach, ate a lot, met some Costa Rican boyfriends, rode ATVs to the rainforest and zip-lined, and relaxed a lot. It was a much needed get away. and i'm even a little sun kissed!

 This is our "before tan" picture. We forgot to take an "after tan" picture though. 
Convenient, huh?

 A little sunset over the Pacific Ocean? Don't mind if I do.

 I haven't worn one of those masks since the Swine  of '09.

Just one of those "outdoorsy" pics. 

In the midst of the 87 degrees and sunny it was hard for me to remember that it was Christmas time. I feel like since I've gotten back and I have been in such a lastminutechristmasshopping and workingallthetime frenzy that I haven't had the time to prepare Him room in my heart this season.

My fear is that I will miss it, like so many people do every year and like I have in the many years before. Going through the holiday season in routine, looking forward to the traditions and forgetting the reason.

& then I realize that it's hard to miss it. He is pursuing me every day even when I ignore Him or try and control things or act like my plan is better than His. How can I miss it when I am constantly surrounded by the love and grace that He gives. He was HERE. In the flesh. He came to the shepherds who were the lowest of men. He came to ME who doesn't deserve any of it at all. He came to all of us. and He came only to be humbled and die for us. He saved our lives. and because of that we live freely. I live in that freedom and everlasting joy every single moment. How can you miss that?

Behold the Lamb of God.
Oh, come let us adore Him.
Joy, to the world.

I pray that you are reminded of the depth and beauty of this story.
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Also, if you have never heard it you need to listen to the song "Labor or Love" by Jill Phillips and Andrew Peterson. And make sure you have a tissue nearby.

"But the baby in her womb
He was the maker of the moon
He was the Author of the faith
That could make the mountains move"

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